Joomla SEO SettingsTask:
Get original Joomla URL from a SEF one. I.e. I want to know which is the real joomla URL, while the SEF one is

This may be needed while developing or making modifications in Joomla extension to use the real internal joomla link.



// Here I "unparse" the Joomla SEF url to get the internal joomla URL
JURI::current();// It's very strange, but without this line at least Joomla 3 fails to fulfill the task
$router =& JSite::getRouter();// get router
$query = $router->parse(JURI::getInstance()); // Get the real joomla query as an array - parse current joomla link
$url = 'index.php?'.JURI::getInstance()->buildQuery($query);

Result in $url: index.php?Itemid=229&option=com_contact&view=contact&id=1